We Repair Improperly Installed Leaky Skylights

Here is an example of a skylight that was improperly installed and eventually leaked.

fixed leaky skylight by replacing improperly installed model

Notice the damage around the improperly installed skylight and how we replaced the curb, repaired the roof, and used ice and water shield to prevent future problems.


Here is an example of an older model skylight prone to failure, we replaced the faulty skylight with a modern installation on this flat commercial building.

industrial skylight repair   industrial skylight repair

RESIDENTIAL - more examples:

Replacement of a leaking skylight including new flashing, roof repair and a better designed skylight.

replacement skylight   replacement skylight after

Another leaking skylight job, including replacement of OSB roofing material with plywood.

fix a leaky skylight   fix a leaky skylight - faulty skylight

fix a leaky sklylight - framing   fix a skylight - complete

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