Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will there be a big mess in my home
Answer: There won't be. We will build a platform on which we work. All saw dust and other debris stay on the platform and is then picked up from there.

Question: Do you flare the walls of the shaft?
Answer: Yes we do. To maximize the amount of light coming in.

Question: Will the skylight condensate?
Answer: Your skylight will not condensate. We guarantee it.

Question: Will my air conditioning work harder?
Answer: No, it won't. Cool air stays low while hot air rises.

Question: Do you complete the job or do we have to call other trades?
Answer: Yes, we completely finish the job.

Question: How long will it take?
Answer: Approximately 2 days.

Question: How often should the sklyight be cleaned?
Answer: Normal rain fall will keep it clean.

What if it rains when roof opening is about to be cut?
Answer: We just wait until the heavy cloud passes over.

Question: Can skylights be installed during the winter?
Answer: Yes, it only takes an hour to install for the external procedure of the installation. The rest of the work is all done inside.

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